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Comprehensive and Compassionate Surgical Care

We perform a variety of surgical procedures using modern equipment and anesthetic and pain management protocols. We know surgery can be a scary event for owners and pets, so we do everything in our power to provide a safe and successful surgical experience treating your pets like our own.

The following information is for routine procedures.

Prior to a Procedure

In general, the following items are required:

  • A physical exam to ensure your pet is as healthy as possible for the procedure
  • Preoperative blood testing to tailor an appropriate anesthetic and pain protocol for your pet
  • Updating vaccines and preventative care if needed
  • Reviewing paperwork and estimates for the procedure so that your questions can be satisfactorily answered

The Day of the Surgery

  • Your pet MUST be fasted (no food or treats). The time period depends on the species. For dogs/cats fast after 12pm the night before. If your pet is on medication, call for instructions.
  • Take away water the morning of surgery
  • Check-in is between 7:30-8:30am the morning of surgery
  • Bring any medications your pet is on with you
  • Dogs MUST be on a leash or in a carrier, and cats MUST be in a carrier. If you are bringing more than one pet they MUST be in separate carriers
  • Exotics require special fasting instructions. Please call for these. Exotics must be in an appropriate carrier. Bring in any medications for your exotic pet plus a small amount of their normal diet.

After the Procedure

Surgery procedures occur in an order that fits best with the hospital schedule and is based on the pet’s needs.

  • You will receive notification when your pet is out of surgery
  • Most surgery discharges will occur between 4-5pm, however your pet may stay shorter/longer depending on the procedure and your pet’s status.
  • NOTE: unless otherwise discussed, your pet MUST be picked up prior to closing or late fees will be attached.
  • You will receive take-home instructions regarding your pet’s care at home
  • Rechecks may be needed and are included with your treatment plan will be confirmed at discharge.

Please note: Pain management is one of our highest priorities and is required for all pets. A pain protocol will be tailored toward your pet’s individual needs.

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