Our Services

We offer a full range of services including:

Kitten and Puppy Vaccination Packages

Kittens and puppies require multiple vaccines over a 16-week period to be completely protected from the most common diseases. They also need a minimum of two (2) fecal checks and dewormings. Kittens and puppies are seen every 3 weeks until the series of vaccinations are completed.

• Vaccinations and Preventative Care for Adult Patients

Adult patients need 1 to 2 visits per year to ensure optimal health. Vaccinations for our feline adults are done once a year and for our canine patients twice a year. Preventative care also includes fecal and heartworm testing, feline leukemia and FIV testing.

• Heartworm, Flea, and Tick Prevention

All patients should be on monthly preventatives year-round in Georgia. Our weather simply does not get cold enough to eliminate the threat of parasites for our patients. We have many options available from topical to oral to injectable preventions. A plan can be tailored specifically for your pet by our doctors. 

• Surgery

We have a highly trained surgical staff as well as state of the art equipment for patient monitoring during surgical events. We perform routine surgeries on a daily basis including spays, neuters, and dental cleanings. We also perform more advanced surgeries on a regular basis.

• Emergency and Intensive Care

We offer full-service emergency care as well as intensive hospitalization care. If your pet has an accident or becomes ill, we have the training and ability to care for your them in their greatest time of need.

• In-house laboratory and Radiology

We offer full-service in-house x-rays and lab work. Most tests can be run within a 10- to 30- minute timeframe, allowing us to provide same-day results. For tests that require more information, we work with an outside laboratory that returns most results to us within 48 hours. We also offer consulting services for our x-rays and access to a specialist who can perform in-house ultrasound services.

• Microchipping

Dog and cat microchipping is a simple procedure. A veterinarian simply injects a microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, beneath the surface of your pet's skin between the shoulder blades. The process similar to a vaccine injection and takes only a few seconds. No anesthetic is required. Our microchips are universal, so all vet hospitals, animal control agencies, and humane societies will scan for it should your pet become lost.

• Other Medical Services

We offer pain management, dermatology, behavior counseling, and nutritional counseling. Our doctors will gladly discuss your concerns and recommend the best course of action.

• In-clinic and In-home pet euthanasia

We always fear losing our pets that mean so much to us. Nevertheless, that time inevitably does come. If you choose, you can bring your pet to our clinic or you may elect to have the doctor come to you, allowing you and your pet to spend those final moments in the comfort and privacy of your home.

• Boarding

Let us take care of your pet while you’re away. Community Animal Clinic offers affordable pet boarding, but most importantly we pride ourselves on providing your pets with clean and friendly accommodations from our caring staff.

• Grooming and Bathing Services

Our wonderful groomers love to make your pet look, feel and smell their best. Haircuts, baths, and blow outs are all a part of the spa experience.

• On-site Pharmacy and Diets

We offer a full-service pharmacy to care for your pets’ medical needs. We also offer diets from high-quality IVET premium foods to Royal Canin Prescription diets.


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